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IALE-D Graduate Award

Award of the best landscape ecological dissertation

Every second year, the best dissertation in the field of landscape ecology (of the last two years) is honored with the IALE-D GRADUATE AWARD. This honor takes place at our annual conference. The award comes along with a prize of 250 €.

The award winner also gets the opportunity to present main findings of his/her work to the IALE-D members in the plenary session.



Award winners




The IALE-D Graduate Award 2021 was awarded to Sarah Gottwald  from University Freiburg, for his dissertation: "Sense of Place in Spatial Planning: Applying Instrumental and Deliberative Approaches at the River Lahn"


The IALE-D Graduate Award 2019 was awarded to Maria Garcia-Martin  from University Freiburg, for his dissertation: "Connecting with landscapes for sustainability. Characteristics of, challenges to, and opportunities for integrated landscape management in Europe"


The IALE-D Graduate Award 2017 was awarded to Patric Schlager  from University Hohemheim, for his dissertation: "Remote sensing based analysis and assessment of ecological effects of bioenergy cropping on agro-biodiversity by means of modelling habitat requirements of skylarks (Alauda arvensis)"


The IALE-D Graduate Award 2015 was awarded to Martin Hallinger  from University Greifswald, for his dissertation: "Shrubs in Space and Time. Alpine and Arctic shrub dendroecology: Factors influencing shrub growth and population dynamics in tundra ecosystems"


The IALE-D Graduate Award 2013 was awarded to Christian Albert from Leibniz University Hannover, Institute of Environmental Planning, for his dissertation "Scenario-based Landscape Planning – Influencing Decision-Making through Substantive Outputs and Social Learning"


The IALE-D Graduate Award 2011 was awarded to Dominik Poniatowski from University Münster, for his dissertation: "Survival of wing-dimorphic bush-crickets in a changing environment"


The IALE-D Graduate Award 2010 was awarded to Salman Qureshi from the Department for Geography and Geology at University Salzburg, for his dissertation:"Modelling urban nature in a megacity: A systematized application of urban gradient for ecological investigations"


The IALE-D Graduate Award 2008 was awarded to Niels Thevs from University Greifswald, for his dissertation: "Ecology, Spatial Distribution, and Utilization of the Tugai Vegetation at the Middle reaches of the Tarim River, Xinjiang, China"


The IALE-D Graduate Award 2013 was awarded to Benjamin Burkard from the Institute for Natural Resource Conservation, Department of Ecosystem Management at Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel for his dissertation: "Ecological Assessment of the Reindeer Husbandry System in Northern Finland"

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