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The German Chapter of the International Association of Landscape Ecology (IALE) connects landscape researchers, planners, and other interested persons to support a scientifically and planning-related sound development of human-environment relations. IALE-D supports scientific principles of landscape science and sustainable landscape management, their application in practice, as well as the communication of landscape ecological questions.

The International Association for Landscape Ecology was founded in 1982 in the Slovakian town Piestany, to promote transdisciplinary research and exchange of experience in the field of landscape ecology as a scientific basis for landscape planning and environmental management. It strives for close contact between natural and social sciences, as well as for a connection between science and practice. On this basis, theories, models, and empirical data can be combined and merged so that a better understanding of landscape and sustainable landscape management becomes possible.

The foundation of our chapter “IALE-D“ took place at May 5, 1999 in Basel (Switzerland). Like other regional chapters, IALE-D builds on the expertise of its members, their ideas, and new ways of cooperation.

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