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Value capture in industrial land renewal under the public leasehold system: A policy comparison in China
Publication date: May 2019Source: Land Use Policy, Volume 84Author(s): Yingjie Hu, Bin Lu, Jiayu WuAbstractValue capture in urban renewal is a controversial issue. The equality and efficiency of value capture in urban renewal is influenced not only by the percentage of value capture but also by transaction costs. A framework analyzing the transaction costs of value capture in the urban renewal process helps us understand how value capture mechanisms influence the outcomes of industrial land renewal. Our study found a new type of value capture mechanism in addition to active value capture...
Meta-management for sustainability in territorial ecosystems: The case of Libera’s social reuse of territory
Publication date: May 2019Source: Land Use Policy, Volume 84Author(s): Orlando Troisi, Maria Vincenza Ciasullo, Luca Carrubbo, Debora Sarno, Mara GrimaldiAbstractThis work proposes a conceptual framework that combines the service ecosystems view (stemming from Service-Dominant logic) with the concept of territorial ecosystems (stemming from destination management studies). The paper aims at exploring the underlying dynamics of territorial ecosystems that can impact the competitiveness and sustainability of a community as a whole. The main goal is to support decision making in disadvantaged...
Aerial river management by smart cross-border reforestation
Publication date: May 2019Source: Land Use Policy, Volume 84Author(s): Wei Weng, Luís Costa, Matthias K.B. Lüdeke, Delphine C. ZempAbstractIn the face of increasing socio-economic and climatic pressures in growing cities, it is rational for managers to consider multiple approaches for securing water availability. One often disregarded option is the promotion of reforestation in source regions supplying important quantities of atmospheric moisture transported over long distances through aerial rivers, affecting water resources of a city via precipitation and runoff (‘smart...
Public private partnership in brownfield remediation projects in China: Identification and structure analysis of risks
Publication date: May 2019Source: Land Use Policy, Volume 84Author(s): Qingye Han, Yuming Zhu, Ginger Y. Ke, Keith W. HipelAbstractA novel systematic procedure is designed for analyzing risks within a public private partnership (PPP) approach for addressing brownfield remediation problems in China. More specifically in this research, original risk factors are first obtained from the existing literature. To reflect the unique situation in China, a Delphi Method is utilized to appropriately revise the definitions of the risks, merge similar risks and add new risks overlooked in the...
Learning from Taiwan’s post-colonial heritage conservation
Publication date: May 2019Source: Land Use Policy, Volume 84Author(s): Virginia Khong Go, Lawrence Wai Chung LaiAbstractInformed by the concept of subsidiarity, this paper is a preliminary study of the efforts undertaken by the Taiwanese Government to conserve some historical areas of Taipei. While the state’s primary concern was to foster the cultural identity and historical value of these places, it has also brought about the conservation and promotion of “old street shops”, leading to a growth in tourism. Therefore, this role of the Government in innovative planning fits a version...
One-hundred years after shrub encroachment: Policy directions towards sustainable rangeland-use
Publication date: May 2019Source: Land Use Policy, Volume 84Author(s): Stefani Daryanto, Bojie Fu, Wenwu Zhao, Lixin WangAbstractIn many shrub-encroached lands, livestock grazing is the dominant land-use type which shapes stakeholders’ perspective on single ecosystem service provision (i.e., forage production). Although recent ecological studies suggested otherwise, recognition of multiple ecosystem services from shrublands is rarely translated into policy, likely due to the lack of robust scientific evidence on trade-offs between ecosystem services following shrub removal. Based on...
Corrigendum to “Optimal mangrove restoration through community engagement on coastal lands facing climatic risks: The case of Sundarbans region in India” [Land Use Policy 81, February (2019...
Publication date: May 2019Source: Land Use Policy, Volume 84Author(s): Ram Ranjan
Military land use and the impact on landscape: A study of land use history on Danish Defence sites
Publication date: May 2019Source: Land Use Policy, Volume 84Author(s): Stig Roar Svenningsen, Gregor Levin, Mads Linnet PernerAbstractCounting for as much as 6% of Earth’s terrestrial surface, military land use constitutes an important share of human land use. Yet, only few studies analyse the general impact of military land use on landscape and biodiversity. This article presents a countrywide study of land use, land use change and biodiversity content on all Danish defence sites larger than 10 ha, comprising roughly 40,000 ha or 1% of the Danish terrestrial area. Based on...
A multiple-criteria decision-making model for the selection of a hotel location
Publication date: May 2019Source: Land Use Policy, Volume 84Author(s): Gabrijela Popovic, Dragisa Stanujkic, Miodrag Brzakovic, Darjan KarabasevicAbstractThe primary objective of this paper is to give an efficient model for the selection of an optimal location for the construction of a tourist hotel. The application of the multiple-criteria decision-making – MCDM methods is proposed because the examined problem is related to a set of alternatives that should be estimated against a set of conflicting criteria. The proposed model includes the application of the adapted step-wise weight...
Investigating integration of edible plants in urban open spaces: Evaluation of policy challenges and successes of implementation
Publication date: May 2019Source: Land Use Policy, Volume 84Author(s): Arlinda Hajzeri, Victor Osei KwadwoAbstractUrban landscape planners are gradually seeking opportunities to integrate edible plants in urban open spaces. The new demands to enhance urban biodiversity, food production and raise environmental awareness is bringing into the forefront the need to rethink the conventional ways of planning and designing urban open spaces. The new wave of integrating edible plants in parks and other green spaces consist of emerging policies like the edible city policy or edible district policy...
Integrating socio-ecological dynamics into land use policy outcomes: A spatial scenario approach for native forest conservation in south-central Chile
Publication date: May 2019Source: Land Use Policy, Volume 84Author(s): Daniela Manuschevich, Pablo Sarricolea, Mauricio GalleguillosAbstractChile is one of the first documented nations to undergo a forest transition dominated by tree farm expansion. Scenario modelling can inform the possible outcomes of forest conservation policies, especially when the scenarios are rooted in the political dynamics that shaped the current legislation. In Chile, tree farms of non-native Radiata Pine and Eucalyptus provide a fast return on investment. Today, fast-growing plantations compete for land area...
Managing a tourism destination as a viable complex system. The case of Arbatax Park
Publication date: May 2019Source: Land Use Policy, Volume 84Author(s): Francesca Iandolo, Irene Fulco, Clara Bassano, Raffaele D’AmoreAbstractThe aim of the paper is to propose a view of territory based on a systems perspective, in order to identify the levers on which to act to improve, particularly, a tourism destination value. The theoretical approach adopted herein is based on systems theory and, in particular, on the conceptualizations of the Viable Systems Approach (vSa). Starting from the definition of the elements that mostly effect the development of a specific territory, our...
Market-led transactions and illegal land use: Evidence from China
Publication date: May 2019Source: Land Use Policy, Volume 84Author(s): Hongping Lian, Hui Li, Kilkon KoAbstractChina’s growing transactions of urban land-use rights (LURs) and the resultant rampant illegal land use since the 2000s have raised concerns about whether LURs are appropriately used to advance the public interest. In response to such concerns, beginning in the 2000s, the Chinese central government strongly urged local governments to adopt the market-led transaction (MLT) approach. Theoretically, we expect MLTs to enhance the competition and transparency of LUR decisions, but...
A conspiracy of silence: Subsistence hunting rights in the Brazilian Amazon
Publication date: May 2019Source: Land Use Policy, Volume 84Author(s): André Pinassi Antunes, George Henrique Rebêlo, Juarez Carlos Brito Pezzuti, Marina Albuquerque Regina de Mattos Vieira, Pedro de Araujo Lima Constantino, João Vitor Campos-Silva, Rogério Fonseca, Carlos César Durigan, Rossano Marchetti Ramos, João Valsecchi do Amaral, Natalia Camps Pimenta, Tiago Juruá Damo Ranzi, Natália Aparecida Souza Lima, Glenn Harvey ShepardAbstractSubsistence hunting is an important cultural activity and a major source of dietary protein and other products for indigenous and...
Socio-economic context of soil erosion: A comparative local stakeholders’ case study from traditional agricultural region in the Czech Republic
Publication date: May 2019Source: Land Use Policy, Volume 84Author(s): Jan Vávra, Barbora Duží, Miloslav Lapka, Eva Cudlínová, J. Sanford RikoonAbstractSoil erosion by water is the most common cause of land degradation and traditionally coincides with agricultural production. This paper presents the results of a sociological case study comparing the perceptions of soil erosion of stakeholder groups from southern Moravia, an intensive agricultural and erosion-prone region in the Czech Republic. The research documents and analyses perceptions of erosion, perceived causes, and attitudes...
Land planning and risk assessment for livestock production based on an outranking approach and GIS
Publication date: April 2019Source: Land Use Policy, Volume 83Author(s): Aurea Gallego, Consuelo Calafat, Marina Segura, Israel QuintanillaAbstractThe new European regulatory requirements incorporate territorial livestock planning as a key element to correct risks for the sector, for the nearby population and for the environment. The risk potential is high in areas with greater livestock density, and in addition, its detection is more complex. The objective of this study is to propose and validate a methodology to assess the risk of livestock farms, considering sectorial, social and...
What should we conserve? Farmer narratives on biodiversity values in the McLaren Vale, South Australia
Publication date: April 2019Source: Land Use Policy, Volume 83Author(s): Douglas K. Bardsley, Elisa Palazzo, Randy StringerAbstractMajor challenges are emerging to integrate private lands into whole-of-landscape conservation policy, especially if definitions of biodiversity and conceptions of conservation alienate farming communities. Insufficient attention has been paid to the way that farmers perceive and value biodiversity. By undertaking ‘walk-and-talk’ in-depth interviews with leading farmers in the South Australian viticultural region of the McLaren Vale, seven important...
Agroforestry creates carbon sinks whilst enhancing the environment in agricultural landscapes in Europe
Publication date: April 2019Source: Land Use Policy, Volume 83Author(s): Sonja Kay, Carlo Rega, Gerardo Moreno, Michael den Herder, João H.N. Palma, Robert Borek, Josep Crous-Duran, Dirk Freese, Michail Giannitsopoulos, Anil Graves, Mareike Jäger, Norbert Lamersdorf, Daniyar Memedemin, Rosa Mosquera-Losada, Anastasia Pantera, Maria Luisa Paracchini, Pierluigi Paris, José V. Roces-Díaz, Victor Rolo, Adolfo RosatiAbstractAgroforestry, relative to conventional agriculture, contributes significantly to carbon sequestration, increases a range of regulating ecosystem services, and enhances...
Visualizing regional clusters of Sardinia's EU supported agriculture: A Spatial Fuzzy Partitioning Around Medoids
Publication date: April 2019Source: Land Use Policy, Volume 83Author(s): Pierpaolo D’Urso, Germana Manca, Nigel Waters, Stefania GironeAbstractThe recurrent question about the effectiveness of agri-environmental measure (AEM) in Sardinia (Italy) is whether European Union (EU) funds allocate resources to where they are most needed. To answer this question, a spatial approach is suggested, namely an approach that considers geography as a factor in measuring the success of such policy. A geographical approach can be used to pinpoint “hotspots” in order to determine an appropriate...
Adoption of direct seeded rice, land use and enterprise income: Evidence from Chinese rice producers
Publication date: April 2019Source: Land Use Policy, Volume 83Author(s): Wenbiao Sha, Fengbo Chen, Ashok K. MishraAbstractChina is the world largest producer and consumer of rice. With stagnant yields, resource depletion, labor shortages direct-seed rice (DSR) is gaining the interest of rice producers in southern China. This study investigates the impact of the adoption of DSR on rice yield and net rice income of Chinese farmers. We use plot-level data from four provinces in southern China. Results indicate that rice yield increase by 3.1% for DSR adopters and by 0.7% if puddled...