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As a worldwide organization of landscape ecologists, IALE provides an infrastructure, which on the one hand serves as a discussion platform and on the other hand stimulates collaboration between disciplines. Every four years, IALE organizes a World Congress, which serves as a discussion forum for new developments, perspectives, and applications of landscape ecology.
In addition, continental and national meetings take place, which are propagated by IALE-D, thus bringing together scientists from different countries for discussions on selected topics. Since 2000, meetings are held annually, during which the meeting of IALE-D members complements the scientific exchange.
In biennial change either the best landscape ecological thesis or dissertation is awarded with the "IALE-D STUDENT / GRADUATE AWARD" (prize money is currently 250 Euros). Supervisors or evaluators are invited to submit outstanding work of our research field for the purpose of an independent appraisal at the IALE-D secretariat. For this purpose, any separate opinion is required. The award of a qualification work at the same time is an indication of the high level of research and teaching at the submitting university.

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