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Working group

Center for Landscape Research - CeLaRe


The IALE-D Center for Landscape Research (CeLaRe) was founded in 2002 and has formed in recent years an international network of scientists and practitioners, which has cooperated regarding issues of landscape development.


Activities to date have included:

  • Professional exchange regarding the specific subject of use and conservation of biodiversity in cultural landscapes,
  • Organization of conference events to convey the concerns of the landscape research,
  • To offer internships at CeLaRe members to collaborate on important and current issues of the landscape research,
  • Initiation of research collaborations,
  • Field trips and public relations work on biodiversity of cultural landscapes.


Since 2010, various thematic excursions are added as new, regular activity: The offer comprises thematic excursions in Europe and worldwide on current issues in landscape research. For this purpose, several excursions have already been carried out on the topic "biodiversity conservation in cultivated cultural landscapes". A central issue was so far tropical landscapes (Sri Lanka). The theme "biodiversity of cultural landscapes" will be a focus of CeLaRe and CeLaRe excursions in the future, too. 


The topic "Conservation of biodiversity in cultivated cultural landscapes" will be a central issue of CaReLa and CaReLa excursions also in future.


In 2015, CeLaRe will announce a workshop on ecosystem services in urban cultural landscapes with a focus on city trees of Salzburg. We will provide further information, soon.




Prof. Dr. Jürgen Breuste

University Salzburg
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