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Since 2007, IALE-D provides the eponymous international, peer-reviewed, and free online journal under The focus lies on contributions on landscape research with inter- or transdisciplinary aspiration. All articles need to pass a double-blind peer review and receive a DOI-Registration once they are published. LandscapeOnline is meanwhile indexed by many literature search data bases. Since 2012 it is also listed in the Scopus literature database by Elsevier, the largest citation and abstract data base for scientific publications.


In the course of a restructuring phase in 2013, LandscapeOnline has been further developed and provides now new possibilities. A technical peculiarity is the attachment of multimedia elements, like spatio-temporal landscape modelling and development scenarios or cinematic documentations of experiments, which support transparency and replicability.


Additionally, the model of licensing rights for publications was clearly defined. Since then, all articles are published under the Creative Commons Lizenz (CC BY 3.0 bzw. 4.0). The license model corresponds to DFG directives on the provision of results from DFG-funded projects in open-access. It is therefore suitable for respective research results.


LandscapeOnline is not a purely professional journal and therefor does not compete with other professional journals, like Landscape Ecology, Landscape and Urban Planning, or others.


It is more a platform with the following targets:


  • development and support of innovative publication formats for landscape research including multimedia elements and web-GIS-features;
  • support of young scientists by various activities, like webinars about scientific publications or further support offers in the context of the review process;
  • provide the possibility to publish conference outcomes, results from IALE working groups, as well as further related research groups in “living” Special Issues can be maintained (with direct link and website URL with plain-text name)
  • a clear commitment to free and open access for scientific knowledge according to the Berlin Declaration  from 2003, which was a milestone in the open-access-movement;
  • cooperation with further IALE chapters and partner organizations, e.g. in the context of Special Issues, Webinars, PhD Courses and further activities in the field of scientific presentation and publication.


If you want to support LandscapeOnline and support its further development, you are welcome to join our working group.




Werner Rolf (Editorial Management)
Chair for Strategic Landscape Planning and Management
Technical University of Munich, Germany
Email: management(at)landscapeonline(dot)de




Roman Lenz (Editor in Chief)
Faculty for Landscape Architecture, Environmental and Urban Planning
Nürtingen-Geislingen University
Email: editor(at)landscapeonline(dot)de




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