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'Landscape Time Travel'  - Comparative Landscape Photography - Methods, Case Studies, and Insights in Landscape Ecology


Landscape photographs are important documents of the development of nature and landscape. Comparative landscape photography makes it possible to research past land uses and landscape structures and to evaluate them against the background of the changes that have occurred since then. This in turn allows conclusions to be drawn for sustainable planning. The 2023 newly founded IALE-D working group "Landscape Time Travel" is dedicated to building up a digital collection of historical landscape photographs for landscape ecology studies. In a first step, the "Haber-Archive" was digitized and a model for the joint use of the archive was developed. There are plans to expand the archive to include more photos. In addition, we would like to look into methods of analysis and support or initiate comparative studies, e.g. as part of student theses. The activities of the former Working Group Landscape Structure will be included in this.

A first symposium on the topic is planned as part of the IALE-D annual conference in 2024.




Dr. Werner Rolf
Technical University of Munich
Strategic Landscape Planning and Management


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Walz
HTWD - University of Applied Sciences
Faculty of Agriculture/Environment/Chemistry




IALE-D Annual Conference 2024

World Congress 2023

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