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International Response under the Antarctic Treaty System to the Establishment of A Non-native Fly in Antarctica
01. Juni 2021
Abstract Antarctica currently has few non-native species, compared to other regions of the planet, due to the continent’s isolation, extreme climatic conditions and the lack of habitat. However, human activity, particularly the activities of national government operators and tourism, increasingly contributes to the risk of non-native species transfer and establishment. Trichocera (Saltitrichocera) maculipennis Meigen, 1888 (Diptera, Trichoceridae) is a non-native fly originating from the Northern Hemisphere that was unintentionally introduced to King George Island in...
Local Decision-makers’ Perspectives on Roadside Revegetation and Management in Iowa, USA
01. Juni 2021
Abstract Environmental practitioners must understand those they collaborate with to implement programs that are both socially and ecologically effective. Practitioners who understand decision-makers’ perspectives are better able to collaborate to lower political, financial, and cultural obstacles. In this study, we surveyed decision-makers involved with a voluntary environmental program in Iowa, USA. Iowa counties can choose to manage their roadside vegetation using an ecological approach, called integrated roadside vegetation management. Key decision-makers who...
Which Socio-economic Conditions Drive the Selection of Agroforestry at the Forest Frontier?
01. Juni 2021
Abstract Models are essential to assess the socio-economic credentials of new agroforestry systems. In this study, we showcase robust optimisation as a tool to evaluate agroforestry’s potential to meet farmers’ multiple goals. Our modelling approach has three parts. First, we use a discrete land-use model to evaluate two agroforestry systems (alley cropping and silvopasture) and conventional land uses against five socio-economic objectives, focusing on the forest frontier in eastern Panama. Next, we couple the land-use model with robust optimisation, to determine...
Linking Altered Flow Regimes to Biological Condition: an Example Using Benthic Macroinvertebrates in Small Streams of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
01. Juni 2021
Abstract Regionally scaled assessments of hydrologic alteration for small streams and its effects on freshwater taxa are often inhibited by a low number of stream gages. To overcome this limitation, we paired modeled estimates of hydrologic alteration to a benthic macroinvertebrate index of biotic integrity data for 4522 stream reaches across the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Using separate random-forest models, we predicted flow status (inflated, diminished, or indeterminant) for 12 published hydrologic metrics (HMs) that characterize the main components of flow regimes...
Effect of Elevation on the Density and Species Composition of Encroacher Woody Plants in Borana Rangeland, Southern Ethiopia
01. Juni 2021
Abstract Woody plant encroachments are major concerns across the grasslands biome, while the patterns of individual species existence at a landscape level can be limited locally and regionally. The paper assesses the species composition, community structure, and density of individual and combined encroacher woody species in terms of tree equivalent per hectare (TE ha−1) within five different height classes at four elevation levels in Borana arid thorn bush savanna grasslands in Southern Ethiopia. At each elevation class, a grid of 20 × 20 m main plot was placed...
Integrated Physiological Biomarkers Responses in Wild Fish Exposed to the Anthropogenic Gradient in the Biobío River, South-Central Chile
01. Juni 2021
Abstract To evaluate the physiological state of the wild fish inhabiting the Biobío River in South-Central Chile, susceptible to the chemical contamination from different sources, biochemical and physiological biomarkers were applied to wild fish Percilia irwini and Trichomycterus areolatus in situ. Fish caught in the Biobío river in low, medium, and high anthropic impacts areas, with different pollution degrees along the river. Ethoxyresorufin O–O deethylase (EROD) activity was evaluated in fish liver. Length, weight, Gonad weight and Liver weight, Physiological...
Growth Response of Cuttings to Drought and Intermittent Flooding for Three Salix Species and Implications for Riverbank Soil Bioengineering
01. Juni 2021
Abstract Willows are used as cuttings or in fascines for riverbank soil bioengineering, to control erosion with their high resprouting ability and rapid growth. However, water availability is highly variable along riverbanks both in time and space and constitutes a major stress limiting willow establishment. A species-specific understanding of willow cutting response to water stress is critical to design successful riverbank soil bioengineering projects given exclusive use of local species is often recommended. In a three-month greenhouse experiment, we investigated the...
Factors Influencing Family Forest Owners’ Interest in Community-led Collective Invasive Plant Management
01. Juni 2021
Abstract Effective invasive plant management requires collective action. However, little is known about what motivates individuals to work collectively. We conducted a mail survey of 2,600 randomly selected family forest owners in Indiana, USA to examine factors associated with community-led collective action. Specifically, we examined the role of perceived self-efficacy, perceived collective efficacy, concerns about invasive plants, and social norms associated with invasive plant management in shaping family forest owners’ self-reported likelihood to work with their...
Fifty years of EPA science for air quality management and control
01. Juni 2021
Abstract Research and development has been a key part of the foundation for improvements in US air quality since the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 50 years ago. Although the scientific accomplishments and advances over the course of EPA’s history are often overshadowed by policy debates, much of the air pollution science and engineering we now consider to be routine did not exist when EPA was established. Many of the advances in air pollutant measurement, monitoring, modeling, and control were developed by EPA researchers or supported by...
National Hazards Vulnerability and the Remediation, Restoration and Revitalization of Contaminated Sites—1. Superfund
01. Juni 2021
Abstract Natural hazards can be prominent and powerful mechanisms that impact the remediation and restoration of contaminated sites and the revitalization of communities associated with these sites. The potential for hazardous material releases following a natural disaster can exacerbate the impact of contaminated sites by causing the release of toxic or hazardous materials and inhibiting the restoration of the site as well as altering the long-term sustainable revitalization of adjacent communities. Disaster-related hazardous releases, particularly in population-dense...
Agricultural Land Abandonment in the Hill Agro-ecological Region of Nepal: Analysis of Extent, Drivers and Impact of Change
01. Juni 2021
Abstract Despite widely reported trends of agricultural land abandonment across many parts of the globe, this land use change phenomenon is relatively new in the context of Nepal. In recent years, rural farming communities in the hill region are gradually reducing the intensity of farming, leading to underutilisation and abandonment of agricultural lands. Adopting a mixed methods research approach, this study investigated the extent of agricultural land abandonment, its underlying causal drivers and perceived impacts in the hill agro-ecological region of Nepal. A...
Response of grizzly bears ( Ursus arctos ) to pipelines in Alberta
01. Juni 2021
Abstract This research provides the first in-depth analysis of fine-scale grizzly bear habitat selection and movement patterns in response to the linear footprints cleared for below-ground pipelines in Alberta. Using an extensive set of GPS location data from collared grizzly bears, we were able to determine that grizzly bears selected for younger pipelines (mean age since last construction~6.5 years), which are known to have a greater abundance of important bear foods. Bears also selected for wider corridors that were disturbed for construction more than once. During...
Incorporating Ecosystem Services in the Assessment of Water Framework Directive Programmes of Measures
12. Mai 2021
Abstract The EU Water Framework Directive requires the development of management responses aimed towards improving water quality as a result of improving ecosystem health (system state). Ecosystems have potential to supply a range of services that are of fundamental importance to human well-being, health, livelihoods and survival, and their capacity to supply these services depends on the ecosystem condition (its structure and processes). According to the WFD, Programmes of Measures should be developed to improve overall water status by reducing anthropogenic catchment...
Integrating Regional Frameworks and Local Variability for Riverine Bioassessment
07. Mai 2021
Abstract Regional frameworks enable bioassessment methods to detect anthropogenic effects on ecosystems amid natural variability. Conventional approaches to regionalization have used coarse geographical frameworks to separate sites similar in their ecological (ecoregion) or faunal (basin) characteristics. Expectations for individual streams are then adjusted for within-region variability in local environmental characteristics. Integrating regional frameworks and local variability may improve the sensitivity and performance of bioassessments. In this study, we used a...
Impact of the Federal Conservation Program Participation on Conservation Practice Adoption Intensity in Louisiana, USA
05. Mai 2021
Abstract Conservation practices focusing on improving the soil and water quality of working lands are implemented across the United States, supported partially through the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service cost-share or incentive payment programs. We assess whether participation in federal conservation support programs induces a change in the number of conservation practices adopted by farmers. We also identify the factors that affect the adoption intensity of different best management practices. We use survey data collected...
Correction to: A Review of Biological Monitoring of Aquatic Ecosystems Approaches: with Special Reference to Macroinvertebrates and Pesticide Pollution
01. Mai 2021
A Correction to this paper has been published:
Farm Households’ Adoption of Climate-smart Practices in Subsistence Agriculture: Evidence from Northern Togo
01. Mai 2021
Abstract Climate change (CC) effects on agriculture development and households’ vulnerability are widely recognized. Being aware of the induced effects of climatic risks, farmers have adopted adaptation strategies to build resilience. Analyzes the determinants of choice of adaptation strategies using binary models can lead to an estimation bias, since the number of adopted strategies may be correlated. This paper analyzes farm households’ perception of CC, the determinants of choice of the number of adopted practices, and correlation between the most used...
Where and When Carbon Storage can be Bought Cost Effectively from Private Forest Owners
01. Mai 2021
Abstract The role of time in estimating the cost of forest carbon is often ignored in the literature, nor does the literature address the issues of where and when the purchase of forest carbon storage becomes socially beneficial. In our study, we identify the spatial and temporal allocations of forest carbon investments that are socially beneficial based on empirical analysis. We use the Central and Southern Appalachian region in the Eastern United States as a case study over three periods (i.e., 1992–2001, 2001–2006, and 2006–2011) that are roughly in line with...
The Impact of Waste Paper Recycling on the Carbon Emissions from China’s Paper Industry
01. Mai 2021
Abstract As China’s demand for paper products increases, China’s paper industry faces enormous pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By using material flow analysis in combination with input–output analysis, this study measured the waste paper recovery rate in a more accurate method and analyzed the impact of waste paper recycling on the carbon emissions from China’s paper industry. China’s waste paper recovery rate estimated in this study was close to 70% in 2017, much higher than that of 48% obtained with the traditional method. The regression results...
Heavy Metal and Mineral Composition of Soil, Atmospheric Deposition, and Mosses with Regard to Integrated Pollution Assessment Approach
01. Mai 2021
Abstract The fact that there are no real borders between the biosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere means that environmental pollution monitoring studies should not only include one of the environmental spheres. Thus, integrated environmental pollution assessment studies conducted in the biosphere, lithosphere, and atmosphere promote the “whole system” approach. In this study, the aim was to determine the pollution in the atmosphere, soil, and plants by taking advantage of the high pollution accumulation characteristics of the mosses. Prevailing wind...